Feminazis & Fuckilates – The Language of German Neo-Nazis 

More than almost all of the languages being used, the phrases, the terms, and the words of the radical right are ideologically-framed, and perhaps even “defined”, by what Nazi party member Carl Schmitt conjured up decades ago. At its simplest level, it is about a “them-vs.-us” ideology. In this, the “them” are seen as the enemy. And this enemy has to be annihilated – usually by fascist storm troopers and death squads.

It is not uncommon for the radical right to use specific terms, hateful words, and a kind of ideologically-shaped terminologies. At times, it is rather an antiquated language. Germany’s right-wing extremists are no different in this.

More than almost all of the languages being used, the phrases, the terms, and the words of the radical right are ideologically-framed, and perhaps even “defined”, by what Nazi party member Carl Schmitt conjured up decades ago. At its simplest level, it is about a “them-vs.-us” ideology. In this, the “them” are seen as the enemy. And this enemy has to be annihilated – usually by fascist storm troopers and death squads.

In Schmitt’s beloved Nazi Reich, his crypto-legal ideas framed the ideological foundation for the Nazi dictatorship and the Führer state. All those defined by the Nazis as ‘enemies’ were either brutally tortured or killed – sometimes both. Schmitt’s thinking is highly prevalent among today’s neo-Nazis

In Nazi Schmitt’s dogma, “the other” has to be identified, made into “the other”, and after that stereotyped, scapegoated, humiliated, dehumanized, marginalized, and annihilated. This is the task of the radical right’s dehumanizing language. It often starts with what is known as othering, which defines everyone non-Aryan and non-white as “the other”.

Although often harking back to outright Nazi language, modern neo-Nazis have advanced the old-fashioned Nazi language towards a new, modern, internet-savvy, and updated right-wing language –an updated Nazi language that reflects today’s events.

This is the kind of right-wing language found today in Germany on YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, etc. Much of the contempt for others – non-Aryans and non-whites – comes from posts on these online media platforms. These posts and videos shape the language used by many right-wing extremists.

Yet, never before in the history of post-Nazi Germany have so many right-wingers been able to participate – via online media platforms – in such vast numbers of right-wing online debates. Many of these contributions speak the language of contempt and hate. At times, it appears as if there is a competition going on about who comes up with the most hateful terms that one can imagine. This language depicts insults, hate, abuse, degradation, and dehumanization.

Beyond that, insults and denigrations also signal that an engagement in real argumentative exchanges is of no interest to right-wing extremists. Yet, the right-wing language has another important internal function. It creates consensus and internal cohesion. It divides the in-group (the radical right) from the out-group (non-whites) and speaking the right-wing language indicates belonging to the in-group. Rather similar to the right-wing groups in other countries, the German right-wing language is defined by four key elements:

The first element is the contempt for the country, which is, at times, expressed by calling Germany “shithole-Germany”. It is also claimed that “the country is broken” with no evidence provided. This denigration, of course, extends virtually to all democratic institutions. Predominantly, they focus on Germany’s judiciary and court systems, which Germany’s right-wing abuses as “soft-as-butter-courts”. By this, they mean that court rulings have become soft [like butter] on crimes instead of following their far-right tough law-and-order ideology.

Meanwhile, Germany’s democratic parliament is insulted by being labeled “GDR Junta”, because judges who enforce Germany’s democratic rules – often against the wishes of right-wing extremists – are labeled “Antifa judges”. In the imaginary world of right-wing extremists, antifascism is particularly hated.

The second element is the mistreatment of the people. Germans who do not accept their right-wing ideology are called “German stupids” and “herd-of-idiots”. Beyond that, much of today’s right-wing and neo-Nazi language is reminiscent of the rallying cry of the real Nazis of the 1930s and 1940s. 

This has survived and is moved on by today’s neo-Nazis, Deutschland Erwache! – Germany awake! This call infers that Germans are currently asleep and once called to action by Nazism, they will wake up [Erwachen] and rise up to re-create the neo-Nazis’ beloved Aryan Volksgemeinschaft.

Thirdly, and this may not be very German-like, the label “Nazi” – often dashed out by neo-Nazis themselves – is used abundantly. In one case, Germany’s media plurality, which still includes a significant sector of state broadcasting, is called “Nazi TV” and “TV Gestapo”. To Germany’s right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis, Muslims are called “koranazis”; feminists are “feminazis”; and those seeking to protect the environment are labeled “environazis”.

Fourthly, there is the deliberate distortion of the German language. This extends to almost all areas of civil society. It means that the refugees become “rapefugees”, while there is also an “asyltsunami”. Of course, racism always projects some kind of over-sexualization onto others. As a consequence, people fleeing from their countries and horrific regimes are labeled “fucklings” and “fuckilates.”

Meanwhile, the radical right believes that organizing the recent refugee intake is done by the tax-grappling “asylum-parasite-support industry”. All of this indicates a deep hatred towards the “others”. 

Not surprisingly, Germany’s strongest neo-Nazi party – the AfD – is never far off in all this. Its former boss – Alexander Gauland, who believes that the Nazis were just a little “bird shit” on Germany’s history – called Merkel’s government a “chancellor-dictatorship,” even though Angela Merkel was always democratically elected. 

Like many other right-wingers, Germany’s radical right extremists are believers in conspiracy fantasies. They entertain the hallucination of a secret world government that wants to establish a new world order. Part of that so-called new world order is a rather common German neo-Nazi belief that the German Volk [the German people] has been weakened by some mysterious and never specified elites. 

In the intervening time, the German Volk – the perpetrators of the Holocaust – is converted into a Volk suffering from what the radical right calls “the Holocaust guilt complex”. Significant sections of Germany’s radical right truly believe they don’t just live in a “post-Holocaust dictatorship”, but also that the German Volk will be annihilated by being made to feel guilty about the Holocaust.

Part and parcel of such conspiracy fantasies is the delusion that all of this is engineered by Germany’s “idiot government”. This so-called “lying government” has erected a Gesinnungsdiktatur – a kind of attitude dictatorship. Of course, present-day neo-Nazis and Germany’s right-wing extremists reject Germany’s democracy outright. Many are aware of Goebbels’ statement that it

will always remain one of the best jokes of democracy,

that it gave its deadly enemies the means by which it was destroyed.

Part of rather standard right-wing conspiracy fantasies is the delirium that Germany’s police are also part and parcel of a mythical conspiracy called the deep state. This is most likely because the right-wing extremists – very occasionally – do experience Germany’s police force at some of their right-wing rallies.

The German police are simply seen as an “enforcer agency” of the ever-illusive fiction of a secret deep state. As a consequence, the German police are called “PoliceNazis”, “PoliceTurks”, “PolicePussies”, and “Muki-Police”. It is a hated police force that dares to safeguard multiculturalism.

Simultaneously, Germany’s right-wing extremists are longing for the USA, as long as it is Trumpland, and for Russia, as long as it is Putinland. Both are fancied to provide protection against non-whites who come from a place called “Weitwegprimitivistan” – far-away-primitive-i-stan. The “stan” is added to indicate countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

Germany’s right-wing extremists’ hallucination of a supposedly European super-state is expressed – in Soviet style – “EUdSSR”. There is a strong belief that politicians like Putin and Trump will protect them – as the imagined fear of the radical right goes – from becoming “Great-EU-Arabia”, “EU-negro-bia”, and “EurAfrica”.

Germany’s right-wing extremists and neighboring neo-Nazis distort the German language in order to convert seemingly neutral words into abusive terms. To achieve that, it is not unusual to see terms like “Nazi” and “SS” added to German words. For example, the public broadcaster in Saarland is defamed as “Saarländisch ”SS” Rundfunk”, Islam becomes “ISSlam”, Sharia becomes “SSharia”, and Muslims  become “MuSSlims”.

In some cases, the language of today’s radical right has become inseparable from the Nazi language of the ‘30s and ‘40s. For example, today’s neo-Nazis still talk of “World Jewry” and a “World Finance Jewry” – something that only existed in the pathological-delusionary imaginary madness of Nazi race ideology

Virtually anything that is not in their nationalistic, fascistic, and racist-biologistic worldview is defamed through placing an “-ism” at the end. This is done to exaggerate a supposedly ideological content. Thus, we find the much feared “lesbianism”, “greenism”, and “genderism”.

These subjects are particularly hated when becoming part of universities. Just like gender studies, environmental studies too, are defamed as “voodoo environmentalism”, “hocus pocus science”. 

Meanwhile, gender studies are called “gender-mainstreaming”, “gender-voodooism”, “gender-madness”, and “gender-gagaism”. The belief is that all are part of not natural and social science but of “senseless science” and “pseudo-doing-good science”. In the nebulous world of right-wing imaginations, these are all shaped by “Eco-Gender-Multi-Culti-Ideologies”.

In a similar vein, climate science is labeled as “Eco-Occultism” which is part of a state-sponsored “Science Mafia.” Germany’s radical right also conjures up something it calls “millennia business model.” It is designed to enslave the German Volk, leading it towards “Climate Totalitarianism”, “Climate Bolshevism”, and eventually straight into “World Climate Socialism”.

In that, Germany’s radical right accuses the government of having founded a new “Climate Church”. This church has all the trimmings of standard right-wing hallucinations. There are the so called “CO2 Deity”, “Eco-Saviors”, and “Climate Saints”. And, this is spiced up by the new “Global Warming Priests” preaching “Eco-Hate”.

These priests are seen as the new “Climate Cult High Priests” who are the “Doomsday Preachers” of “Eco-Guilt”. Meanwhile, right-wing online platforms envision that environmentalists promise salvation and a climate miracle that comes from the “Eco-God Gefälligen” – pleasing eco-minions. 

In the online fantasies of Germany’s right-wing extremists, much of this is also mixed up with anti-Semitism. All of this is part of highly disturbing images of a right-wing anti-Semitic paranoia. The idea is that their cherished white race is exposed to discrimination – another paranoia. This paranoia seeks to convert Germans into a minority – yet more paranoia. Overall, the theme of paranoia plays a significant role in the right-wing politics of fear.

Yet, there is also a global-warming paranoia and even a globalization paranoia. As expected, Germany’s right-wing extremists often attest to a delusional fear caused by global warming as well as by Germany’s recent migration policy. Accordingly, some sort of “all-are-the-same delusions” were invented. And, set against Germany’s welcoming culture of 2015 is an “all-aliens-are-good delusion.” 

This unfounded misapprehension turns right-wing extremists into experts on migration, sociology, and psychology. Consequently, they find an alien multicultural world everywhere. The radical right fears that Germany has embraced – as the radical right sees it – the madness of multicultural immigration.

The resulting mental diseases are found in, for example, a so-called “refugee-welcome delusion”, a “refugee-love delusion”, and the “asylum-vermin-lover delusion. This is linked to the much-hated “naturalization delusion” that seeks to make non-Aryans into Aryans – at least in terms of citizenship – thereby destroying their beloved Volksgemeinschaft, a term that always means the annihilation of Jews and anyone else not deemed to be a part of the Volksgemeinschaft. There is a rather common belief, particularly among right-wing men, that allowing non-Aryan migration will kill off the German men.

For Germany’s radical right – just as for the present-day Führer of Hungary and some others – George Soros is imagined to be the leader of a mass invasion into Europe that seeks to establish international socialism. Inevitably, to Germany’s radical right, Soros is indeed the devil in human form. 

Virtually the same goes for Angela Merkel, or Angela “Ferkel” [German for piglet] and “Merkill” who will kill us all, according to right-wing mythology. Part of that is also a linguistic attack on President Barack Obama, who is defamed as – using the German word – “Barracke” [the German word for a garrison camp and barrack], Obamba”, “OBanana”, and “Obimbo”.

Of course, almost any right-wing conspiracy fantasy dictates that both Barack Obama and Angela Merkel are part of a global “opinion-business industry”. This imagined industry runs fake news factories. It churns out disinformation and censorship to cover up the march towards a world dictatorship. Anyone not believing in this nonsense is identified as “the enemy”, to be destroyed.

Political opponents aren’t opponents but enemies who, in the eyes of the right-wing extremists, threaten the existence of the Volksgemeinschaft. They see themselves as being part of this Volksgemeinschaft while everyone else – the ideological enemy, non-Aryans, etc. – are not. Germany’s right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis have also convinced themselves that they represent the interest of the Volksgemeinschaft and – worse – that they speak on behalf of this German Volksgemeinschaft.

To protect their treasured Volksgemeinschaft, the fantasy of the so-called “great population exchange” and impending genocide of the German people have become a central theme in the radical right’s ideologies. This allows right-wing extremists to see their political opponents as the enemy. These non-Aryans will damage the existence of the German people and, therefore, they must be repelled, fought against, and ultimately exterminated.

In their mythological orbit, the enemy is not always an external enemy, it can also be an internal enemy. The consequence in both cases – internal and external enemy – is civil war, even though there is no enemy anywhere to be seen. Undeterred, many right-wing extremists are living in anticipation of “Day X” – the day of a national uprising of the Germans against their illusive oppressors, another rather dangerous fantasy.

Even right-wing opinion platforms that consider themselves liberal-conservatives constantly assert the decay of the state and of Germany’s established order. This conjures up a spiritual, linguistic, anti-media, and culture war, and eventually, a civil or race war. 

For some, the coming race war is already in full swing. The enemies in this war are liberal politicians, enlightened media, the religion of Islam, and the men and women who are hiding in some secret and always unseen location who handle the secret power switches, also invisible!

For the right-wing extremists, the rallying call is, “remember their names! – remember their faces!“ Lists of enemies are circulating on the Internet in preparation for “Nuremberg 2.0” – the coming day of judgment for those identified as corrupt traitors who are selling out the German people, for left-wing fascists, communist scums, Germany-haters, conspiracy practitioners, Islam lobbyists, abortion extremists, and other social scum – anyone not fitting into the Volksgemeinschaft. 

The enemy will be annihilated when the time comes. But, before that, it will be defamed, insulted, and declared inhuman using the language of neo-Nazism.

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