This is ethnic cleansing. The Israeli government has declared a genocidal war on the Palestinian civilians in Gaza with no regard for the lives of civilians and Israeli hostages. Israeli officials openly plan to open the “gates of hell” to Gaza, calling the 2 million Palestinians trapped there “human animals” in their official speeches and recordings released through official channels. The Israeli government has cut the electricity supply to Gaza, the same goes for food and water. Hospitals are not be able to save lives, the internet goes down, people will not have phones to communicate with the outside world. Gaza is plunging into darkness as Israel turns its neighbourhoods to rubble. 

Moreover, any humanitarian aid has no way of getting to the civilians trapped in the siege, half of whom are children. The Israeli army has announced the bombing of any humanitarian convoys that might reach the trapped people via the Egyptian border. The only convoy that so far reached Gaza was composed of a little bit more than 30 trucks: 1% of needed aid. 

To make matters worse, Israel has openly declared its intention to commit mass atrocities and even genocide. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that the Israeli response would “echo for generations”. All this with the full support of the United States and the European Union, as expressed by Joe Biden in Tel Aviv and Ursula von Der Leyen in Brussels. 

Last week, the Israeli military called on all civilians in the north of the Gaza Strip – 1.1 million people – to move south within 24 hours. Literally moments later, 500 people were killed in an explosion after a rocket attack on the Al-Ahli hospital. An attack that the Israeli military claimed responsibility for, but after a while retreated from its position in an attempt to shift the blame to one of the Palestinian organisations. 

The deliberate killing of civilians is always a crime. It is a violation of international law and an assault on the sanctity of human life. After the heinous Hamas attack, we now have a death industry that affects innocent civilians as well as the doctors trying to help them.

Collective responsibility is being applied to Palestinians.

Pogroms are being carried out against the Palestinian population in the so-called West Bank, occupied by the Israeli army. Hate séances and ostracism are being organised against Israeli journalists who try to talk about it. 

The new goal of the Israeli army is not to fight Hamas. As the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced:

At the end of this war, not only will Hamas no longer be in Gaza, but the territory of Gaza will also diminish. 

So we are talking directly about occupation and ethnic cleansing.

Green Light for the Genocide

At the same time European bureaucrats and “leaders” are nearly unanimously – apart from Ireland, Spain and a couple smaller countries – giving a green light for further escalation and genocidal practices. Emanuel Macron has loudly proposed creation of a “coalition of willing” to fight Hamas just like once there was a coalition against Al-Qaeda or ISIS.

Couple days later, he went to Palestine to talk with Mahmud Abbas, telling him that Palestine needs to recognize Israel and its security needs… As if Abbas had not done that already. Pictures of Macron are burned all across Arab countries, in Palestine, Tunisia and Algeria people are shouting on daily demonstrations: Macron the murderer.

His visit in the Middle East as an “ambassador of peace” might also be aimed at covering up corruption scandals he is facing right now in France. However, he is far from reaching his aim. France, whose minister of interior, and might-be future candidate of the neoliberals and neocons for the France’s presidency, Gérald Darmanin, has already announced ban on pro-Palestinian rallies. This ban is now being enforced with a French brutality known from the Yellow Vests protests and then the pension reform protests.

Ursula von Der Leyen, who doesn’t have any democratic mandate for her post, has stood so far strong with Israel, which was abnormally strongly criticised by other European leaders, for example by the president of Ireland, Michel D. Higgins. The EU is losing credibility when it comes to human rights. the credibility (re)gained for a while by fighting against Russian imperialism or Belarussian dictatorship.

Now anyone might say, this is a case just like the Israeli one, this is war on terror, we need your money and support, not criticism. We can imagine this type of narrative on Myanmar or China soon.

The Pandora’s box

Macron was seen by Abbas, Biden was not, in the last instance it went so on for Sisi and king Abdullah of Jordan. Both of the latter are faced with the biggest dilemma in their times as rulers.

The first one might see up to 2 million refugees fighting to cross the Rafah border checkpoint, and Israel knows that he cannot shoot Palestinians: this will surely lead to revolution in Cairo. We have seen already that the Egyptian streets are once again becoming politically lively places.

The second one might see the same situation on the Jordan-West Bank border. Gaza cleansing that we are seeing right now might be a guinea pig for the West Bank’s future Nakba. At the same time Jordan is home to millions of Palestinians and Syrian refugees. The wife of the king is Palestinian, so are the financial elites of the capital, Amman.

However, King Abdullah’s situation is even worse than Sisi’s. On the Iraqi-Jordanian borders in the last days we could see cars and the gathering of hundreds of Shia militiamen from all-over Iraq. They are waiting for the start of the land operation in Gaza. Thousands of people are also camping on the Jordanian-Palestinian border. They want to go fight Israelis occupants and help relief Gaza.

Jordanian staffers believe that the monarchy is somehow strong right now, but this can change any day soon. Iraqi militias alone are 120 thousand people strong. This, combined with millions of Palestinians and Syrians in Jordan might be a future powder keg that is going to send the most pro-American government of the Middle East straight to a line of asylum seekers in Washington’s airport.

The Biggest Crisis Since the Bay of Pigs Invasion

Couple days before Llyod Austin and other neocons from Washington have declared that they are going to “strengthen their presence in the region”. At this moment 3 thousand US soldiers are stationed in Jordan, the same number – amid Iraqi government opposition – is present in Iraq. Now 2 thousand more marines are coming to the Middle East, to strengthen the aircraft carrier fleet near the Israeli-Palestinian coast.

If the war with Hezbollah breaks up, we will see 21st- century Dien Bien Phu in Iraq. However, are we going to see another Vietnam in Lebanon? Wall Street Journal polls show that the majority of Americans are against the US involvement in war, even if Iran attacks Israel, and especially if it happens another way around. 

Nevertheless, the greatest escalatory potential is Syria. The Russian air force and navy are also there, and the question is whether there are no nuclear warheads there. The Syrian army has these two armoured divisions, which, as the only regular troops in the area, would be able to breach the Golan Heights and attack Israel in the face of an all-out war in the Middle East. This encourages a pre-emptive strike by Israel, which would prevent a repeat of the surprise attacks of October 7. 

Genocides are being televised

Amid all of this we, hypocrites, “happy safe Europeans”, see on a daily basis, on our smartphones, smartwatches, TVs and laptops a televised genocide. Not the first one. Just weeks ago we saw the expulsion of hundreds of thousands Ormians by Azer army from Karabakh. New tragedies are coming, that’s sure. And just like in the poem of Czeslaw Milosz, Polish poet and Nobel prize winner, wrote in his Campo dei Fiori

I thought of the Campo dei Fiori

in Warsaw by the sky-carousel

one clear spring evening

to the strains of a carnival tune.

The bright melody drowned

the salvos from the ghetto wall,

and couples were flying

high in the cloudless sky.

We just live by. We can shout, we can gather on the streets, but the dailiness of life is overwhelming. However, European voters might change the political surface in Europe. In the UK, France and Germany, where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are demonstrating in every way they can, in order to push their governments into action. 

We can just imagine what will happen if the ground offensive comes to start. Help God it won’t and we will see a ceasefire, even if now it is unlikely seeing the Israeli regime actions. 

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